Vending Machine Wraps

The Vending Machine wraps in Singapore can definitely give Japan a run for their money – especially with an interesting line-up of merchandise. From teddy bears to Dried flowers to Autobhan's Luxary cars. Oh yes and there is one for gold too. Very much like a vehicle a vending machine is a spot viewed by thousands of passers by.  Moreover these machines work 24/7 and are located in the most prominant of locations.

Vending Machine Wraps.

Signarama CBD is Singapore's leading vending machine wraps provider.  With the Government actively promoting the vending machines the proliferation of vending machines is going to be impossible to ignore. Its just a matter of time when every block and building will have a handful of vending machines selling from food to telephone chargers to IT gadgets.

Vending machines serve the wide clientele, with a variety of products from green grocery to processed products. They come with numerous advantages.

• They are fully automated with both cash and cashless features.

• Vending machines are mobile - they are easy to move to another location if need be

• Diversity of products that can be sold is huge.

• vending machines are convenient and reduce overhead costs.

• They are easy to manage.

• They are accessible 24/7 - generating business even at odd hours.


Signarama CBD, the leaders in Design, Print and install of wraps have an indepth knowledge of what works for a vending machine. To know more about how to start a vending machine business click here.

A considerable lot of the present advertisers trust that their brand image gives a positive customer  experience. However, as it may, the consumer may not feel the same way. This distinction can harm the advertising endeavors and damaging the brands reputation.

We now live in a world where consumers are well informed.  Having said that, consumers will buy if the machine that's in front of them can tell the story well. Signarama CBD's Wraps can show case why you should be  gaining more business than your competition.

The brands that meet success are the ones that build an experience tailored to the consumer, meeting their needs literally, every step of the way.

Businesses also go a step further to wrap staircases and Escalators. Click here to get to know more about the staircase wraps.



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