Boat Wraps

Give your Yacht a facelift with Yacht Wraps!

Official Yacht Wraps Partner for the 28th SEA Games!

Did you know that Signarama CBD was chosen to be the official yacht wraps partner for the 28th SEA games!!!
Entrust your boats to the experts to wrap your boat. Our designers can create a beautiful boat wrap and our highly skilled installers will install the print on your boat with surgical precision. With Marine grade quality digital media and the right digital printer these signs can last a very long time.

To Wrap or not to Yacht Wrap?

Boat Wraps has so many advantages over Marine painting that we decided to list them down in this article.

1] Yes, Let's talk about cost!

With as little as one third of the cost of a professional marine spray job, vinyl boat wrapping is an extremely cost-effective substitute to marine painting.

2] Speed of wrapping.

The Vinyl yacht wraps can usually be done in less than three days. That means you will save a lot of yard time, reducing the total cost even further.

3] Ease of Maintaining

A vinyl boat wrap is Extremely easy to care for. You don't have to do the buffing and polishing – just soap and water to keep your yacht wrap clean.

4] Fuss free repairs

If your vinyl wrap gets scratched or dented, there’s no need for a re-wrap. a simple patch can hide the scratch or dent, and what more, you can even do it yourself.

5] Customizable

you can let your imagination run wild. just imagine of the quirky colours and designs and we can wrap your boats sides for you.

6] Reversible

If you ever want to sell your yacht or change the design of the vinyl - no issues, we at Signarama Have that covered for you. All you have to do is to peel off the vinyl and your boat or yacht will return back to its original colour.

7] Safe and Eco friendly

Signarama CBD uses latex inks from HP. These inks are With no chemicals or solvents, vinyl boat wrapping is a safe, clean and green alternative to toxic marine paints.


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