Signarama Vehicle Graphics and Wraps

Vehicle Wraps advertising is one of the most cost effective forms of advertising right now. Living in a world that is always on the move it would be best to convert you movement of your vehicle to a moving billboard that toils day in and day out maximising your advertising dollar to the last cent.

Being a Business owner is not a walk in the park, and when it comes to advertising and promotions the task can be painfully time consuming and expensive. It may involve you hiring a creative ad agency at exorbitant rates and designed by people who may be very experienced but have little knowledge in designing vehicle wraps. We at Signarama are experts at designing your vehicle wraps - and what is that differentiates us from the rest? its a basic simple rule that we follow called “the three second rule” anything that take more than three seconds is thrown out of the window.

There are a five reasons why you may want to consider wrapping your vehicle.

1. Its a numbers game. Reach out to a larger audience more often. Vehicle wraps  can create around 40,000 to 60,000 impressions a day.

2. Maximise your advertising dollar. If you were to invest in an ad in the newspaper it’s going to be there for a day at the most two.  Radio and TV are super expensive options that last a few seconds. Signarama CBD’s Vehicle graphics last years.

3. Generate a positive vibe. About 82% of the people say that have a positive opinion of companies or brands that they see through vehicle advertising. Likewise, a vast majority of  people feel teh brand is a well established and the company is successful when this form of marketing is involved.

4. Create a buzz and multiply awareness. Think about it, 98% of consumers have been in a vehicle in the past week. 91% of those people notice vehicle  advertising.  Many a times potential customers believe that the products being advertised are being delivered, they think their neighbours are using your services and they begin to generate those positive emotions toward your brand.

5. Singapore has a lot of restrictions when it comes to billboard advertising. Bypass those restrictions and penetrate into the lucrative market. Having a mobile billboard that works for you 24/7 is a great way to break free. Vehicle Graphics is a more effective way to reach your targets. Heavy commuters are most likely to see your advertisements, these people tend to be middle aged, employed, therefore  have a higher income, and most of the time have children.

The friendly signage experts at Signarama CBD are well competent to design that awesome revenue generating signage that converts your vehicle to a moving billboard. Something that captures and retains your customers’ attention with a variety of vehicle signage. Signarama CBD offers a variety wraps and decals including

-    Boat Wraps
-    Boat Decals
-    Bus Wraps
-    Van wraps
-    Van Decals
-    colour change wraps for cars
-    Matte finish wraps for cars
-    vehicle magnets
-    static stickers
-    perforated film.

Give our friendly staff a call and watch your business grow.