Table Cloth

Signarama CBD makes Table Cloth Printing as simple as One Two Three...

No special occasion is complete without personalized table covers to polish off the look. Signarama CBD’s Table Cloth Printing can help you achieve a classy look for a single event or multiple events throughout the year.


Why would you need a custom printed table cover?

Take your Company to a whole new level with a printed table cloth. With a customized Table Cloth, you can add your business name and logo, Graphics and even your contact details if you wish. Trade show table covers come in various styles and materials, and you have to do is mix and match. Signarama CBD offers a range of  nylon, polyester, or even vinyl material. Create a contrast with Custom print on the smaller table runners, which can then be placed over a solid-color. And if you are an Eco Friendly Business owner then you may want to consider the green printing, since our inks and technology is enviromentally friendly.


What is the main advantage of using your custom printed table cover?

Apart from being easier on the eyes, there’s one major advantage of using a custom printed table cloth versus a plain one. You will be more easily noticed in a crowd, as discussed above, it also gives you the advantage of promoting your business in a professional way. A tablecloth with your company's name, logo website and other vital details provides yet another layer within your exhibit to seek attention towards your business. People visiting your booth are surrounded by your branding info. This is a good thing, because they will walk away with their subconsious mind remembering you for a long time to come.

While you are making the financial and time investment that comes with exhibiting at a trade show, don’t ignore this basic element of making your booth stand out. A nice table cover is of course a good to have, but a custom printed Table cloth with  your logo and other branding information will up your game even  more. Remember, trade show visitors are there because they want to be. They need to know more about your company, product an services. So help them as much as possible by covering all your bases. Give them all the information they need with Pull Up Banners, Brocheres, flags,

Inflatable Pillars and of course a customized table cloth.

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