Snap Frames

Effectively Influencing the customers buying decision with Snap Frames

When it comes to retail signage, snap frames are a popular choice since they provide an modern and elegant look for visual displays. Snap frames have a variety of influencing capabilites. Be it to steer buyers or influence purchase decisions. They are an effective choice when it comes to introducing new products, announcing sales.

Nothing beats the snap frame when it comes to communicating seasonal promotions.

These frames also top the charts when it comes to ease of use. To insert or change a poster, all that the store employee needs to do is to lift up the edge of each frame on all the four sides. The existing poster can be easily replaced with  the new graphic and clicking back the edges in place. Click on Frames can be mounted on their own, or adjacent to one another to create a collage of eye-catching menu boards. There may be instances where the signage needs to be visible from both the sides, such as window displays or signs hanging from store ceilings. Double-sided snap frames are a great solution and can be hung from the ceiling securing them from readily available hardware such as steel cables with loops or fishing lines.

Snap frames now come with LED panels too. These lighted frames, in addition to their pleasing appearance, are vey light and easy to use.

Clip Frames or Click-on frames come in various standard sized such as A5 all the way to A0 Size. Do call our friendly sales reps if you need further assistance. We can also customize the frame to suit yoru specific requirements.

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