Inflatable Chairs

Inflatable chairs lets you Add some fun colour and air to your marketing strategy. Our range of inflatable chairs can get your marketing message across within a butt of a second! Our inflatable chair is so far our bestseller and creates a buzz worldwide. The design is customizable and you can have your brand sending out the message in unforgettable ways.
The structure is built with strong PVC and can hold a weight of 100 kg. Come have a seat on the best chair around town.


1) Inflatable Chairs with replaceable Skins

Signarama CBD's inflatable chairs come with easy customizable designs with easy to replace skins.

 2) Easy Storage

You can deflate them and store them away compactly until the next event where you can show off yoru brand.

 3) Illuminate them

The chairs can be illuminted with flexible LED lights. they can bring an awesome glow to your products advertised on the chairs

 4) Matching Accessories

The chairs can be matched with similar sofas or ottamans

If you are even in need of Inflatable signs or inflatable signs call our friendly sales team now. Your event may also require backdrops and LED Neon Signs.


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