Fabric Banners

Custom Printed Fabric Banners Makes your brand highly visible.

Modern digital technology has made the printing of photos and graphics on Fabric banners a breeze. This has empowered the sign industry to capatalize on the Fabric banner segment as an alternative to  signs.  Fabric banners have a few distinct advantages over other materials. For one, they are aestheticly more pleasing, and two, they are easy to handle.

Fabric displays have an edge over other materials in terms of washability, durability, weight. This makes the banner easy to store and even easier to transport. They offer a number of benefits to the user. Fabric does not reflect light, hence completely eliminating the possibility of a glare. They are also scratch resistant.  While on the subject of aesthetic advantages, there is permanent bonding of the UV ink on the fabrics polyester fibers. Superb clarity and a realistic form is achieved when photographic images are printed on the fabric. This is because the colors are not printed on as individual dots unlike inkjet printers. The sharper and overall brighter image is a direct advantage of using a fabric banner.

While Fabric banners can be single-sided or double-sided, satin finish or opaque. The use of fabric banners are multiple. Fabric Graphic can be custom designed for a recruiting event, meetings, seminars, conferences, or even in your retail location.

At Signarama, we custom print banners using UV fade resistant Environmentally friendly inks giving a high definition print at an affordable price. We finish each banner exatly how you would like it, whether you're wanting pole pockets or eyelets, each option comes as standard.

Effortless Advertising on Fabric Banners

The use of fabric banners will bring a distinct advantage to your brand for multiple reasons. The ability to be reused, ease of machine wash, and effortless transport are just a few. When you're deciding the next form of uncomplicated, painless use of cost-effective advertising, look no further than high-quality fabric banners!

Advertising to make your event a success.

There is an interesting article on 7 ways to make your event a success. The author suggests the importance of well designed posters and pull up banners to connect with your audience. The importance of the often ignored customized tablecloth is also mentioned to make your audience register with your brand subconsciously.


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