Poster Printing

Poster Printing Experts!

Posters are a great way for businesses, medical conferences, exhibitions, and fundraisers to advertise their brand.  Posters can be an inexpensive marketing tool. They are an easy way to generate buzz about your message or about the organization. We at Signarama CBD are the experts at Poster Printing and we understand how to create, design and print posters. This saves you lots of time and energy for you to focus on more important things.

We can get your  graphic set in the right proportions and colors to print a perfect poster. There are a few simple rules that we follow:

Poster Printing Simple Rules

  1. Choosing the right Software solution - at Signarama CBD, our designers are passionate about Adobe Illustrator. We use Adobe Illustrator for printing our posters.

  2. Understanding your Focus - Our Designers will grill you about having one central message or idea that it conveys. This focus should appeal to your audience, so spend some time thinking about who you are trying to reach and convey this to our experts. Signarama CBD will ensure that all the elements in your poster will reflect your main idea so that your message doesn’t get lost.

  3. Making the layout flow - Your poster will have a layout that is easy on the eyes and makes sense.

    • There should be a point of focus on your poster which is where the viewer’s eye looks first. This could be a picture or a large font.

    • Your design should be balanced.

    • The design will be centered. If you want your point of focus to be off center, having negative space on the other side will keep it balanced.

  4. Appeal to the viewers senses - Our experts will help use lines, color, font weight, and font size to make your poster flow. Font choice is one of the most important aspects of creating an effective poster. Your main message needs to be able to be seen from far away. We can help pick a font that will be clear and easy to read.

  5. Make it easy to read from a distance. Your poster should be easy to read from at least 2 meters

  6. Tell us where you are going to use the poster - so we can recommend the right substrate. Our Sign experts will be able to choose the right substrate for your usage. Substrates can be for outdoor, indoor, laminated, curl-resistant and UV resistant.

Need to know more about poster printing? check out this cool wiki site.

We also cater to large format printing like wall graphics, Floor graphics and retail window graphics. Call our friendly sales staff to know more.