Flyers and Brochures


One of the oldest forms of advertising around, yet Flyers and Brochures are not going away any time soon.

That’s because simply printing out high impact flyers or brochures and circulating them amongst your target market is both a time and cost effective way to bring in new business and retain existing customers.

Flyers and Brochures have many advantages:

  1. Versatility, low cost and an easy design are the salient features of using flyers in your business. Full color printing takes this advantage to the next level by allowing your flyer to stand out among the advertising modes of your competitors.

  2. Incorporating flyer printing into your advertising arsenal will help your business to capture the attention of the potential customer. The most important part of the flyer is its headline, which would leave you with a few seconds to grab the attention of the customer before he or she gloss right over your flyer.

  3. There is no better way to grab someone's attention than with a prominent headline. The best headline for a flyer would be your unique selling proposition. What really makes your business different from your competitor? This information is the best to be used as a headline for the flyer.

  4. Before printing the flyer, you must decide exactly what you want your potential client to do. Is it to buy a specific product or service? Or a range of products or services? No matter what the purpose is, you must make the "Call to Action" very clear so that the client will be lured to take immediate action without postponing any further.

  5. Flyers are relatively cheap to produce than most of the other advertising materials. A one page flyer is extremely cheap and will still work well in attracting potential customers to your business. As long as the flyers brochures are clear and large enough to catch the customer's eye.

  6. We at Signarama CBD  offer many other services other than flyer printing. Leaflet printing, DL printing, A4 printing and booklet printing are some of the other services provided by our company. Our business flyers typically come in standard paper sizes.

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