Flow Direction Tapes

Eliminate Guessing with Flow Direction Tapes

Eliminate the guessing of Flow Direction of fluids with our Flow Direction Tapes. A chemical plant site could have hundreds to thousands of pipe lines. Those pipelines carry various kind of liquids and gases. Mastering those pipe lines without identification would almost be impossible for a chemical plant operator without the flow direction on each pipe.

Pipe flow direction helps Industry plant operators and engineers to operate the plant more effectively. Our Custom Pipe Markers and Pipe Identification Labels can increase clarity. Stick On and Wrap Around Pipe Markers that are available in a variety of sizes and colors. Using our custom pipe marker tool, you can make specific pipe marking labels quickly and easily. This includes High Temperature Markers and Markers on a Roll. We at Signarama CBD, offer the fastest turnaround in the industry for creating your custom pipe markers. This is backed by the best pricing!

Flow direction in a pipe can be shown by using pipe flow direction tape. The selection of pipe flow direction tape will depend on pipe size, fluids contained inside the pipe, fluids temperature and environment condition. Legible marked funnels and valves can drastically lessen the danger.  In the event of a pipe burst, Flow direction markers can decrease the reaction time. Signarama CBD can customise the tapes cover a range of pipe diameters and complies with the ASME (ANSI) standards.

Features of Pipe Flow Direction Tapes:

Pipe flow direction tape should have the following features:

• Made of durable, high gloss flexible material such as vinyl.

• High performance adhesive (self-sticking)

• 360 degree visibility

• Color code visibility

• Weather-resistant ink and Laminate

Ask for our specially formulated pipe label adhesive that can make the Flow Direction. These Tapes come with a heavy coating to ensure adhesion to a variety of surfaces. Application is simple: just peel and stick the pipe marking label. Pipe content flow can be identified with Arrows and Arrow Banding Tape as per the requirements of the ANSI and ASME A13.1 2015 standards.

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