Cling Stickers

Brand your community with Car Stickers for Windscreens or Static Stickers or Cling Stickers

Numerous brands and  retail outlets are hesitant to put an adhesive promotional decal on their store windows or car windscreen Stickers. Understandably, due to the likely trouble of taking off the sticky label when they decide to get rid of it or change it. Looking for a clean solution, Static Stickers or Cling Stickers is the answer. Static Stickers or Car Stickers for Windscreen are also a popular means of advertising and getting attention to your product, service or brand on the move.

Static Stickers or Cling Stickers have been in use for many years, and makers have been printing them for many years as well. Signarama CBD understands them well and may be of help to you.  So if you just require a consultation, then feel free to contact us.

Ever wondered what is it that makes Static Stickers or Cling Stickers stick?

Window Cling Film or vinyl for static clings is made from polyvinyl chloride, or PVC. PVC sheets are more rigid than films. By putting extra fluid plasticizers into the PVC in its liquid state makes it flexible. The extra fluid plasticizers also make the PVC smooth vinyl substance with an unusually soft finish. This cling film is very smooth and pliable, so it will stick to smooth, solid surfaces – mainly to glass. It also is excellent for imprinting, hence static and double-sided graphics are also available.

The material can also be die-cut and are utilized for numerous diverse usages, such as to announce a happening, as “spirit” emblems for schools, colleges, and universities on the back car windscreens, as oil & lube service decals on the front windshield of cars, and even as window signs in stores. Talk to our friendly sales team at 6557 0080 to get your Car Stickers for Windscreens or Static Cling Stickers.