Print on Wood

Print On Wood

It's all about the grain lines. One of the most awesome features of Print On Wood is how the natural grain lines of the wood show through the lighter colors of an picture or photo. Signarama CBD can convert an ordinary plywood piece of wood into an amazingly cool canvas for printing your memories. Exactly like the fingerprint, no two sheets of wood (plywood) are the same in grin structure. This makes every print unique. Transform your photos into pieces of art. Guess whats the coolest thing about printing on wood? You dont have to have a frame for we at Signarama can print the frame for you too. In case you don't need a margin our staff can print your photo edge to edge.

The Art of Direct Print on Wood

The idea of Direct Print on plywood is not a new one. We have been doing it for years. Our printing experience covers everything from wall graphics to retail point of purchase POP displays to exclusive artist canvas prints for gallery exhibitions. The process is quite straight-forward: we can print art in large quantities – the identical artwork printed many times on a full 1200mm x 2400m sheet of plywood – OR in short-run quantities on smaller  pre-cut sizes.