Free Standing

Rise above the competition with custom free standing signs.

When it comes to visibility and presentation, our free standing signs are ideal for any industry. Freestanding signs can be customized to fit the identity of its surroundings. These signs are popularly used for stand-alone businesses and shopping centers with many units.

Signarama CBD's free standing display frames are of three types: post and panel signs, monument signs and pylon signs. Each type serving a different purpose. Our team can work with you to find which type of sign best serves your business needs. All of our freestanding signs are manufactured with premium products. They are made good for permanent outdoor use resistance to UV rays and durability. We also handle all the paper work to assist in the obtaining of the proper permits and licences required for specific projects.

Post and panel signs and pylon signs generally comprise of three components: the cabinet, cabinet faces and sign supports. The components are all fabricated in Singapore with a number of different durable materials. The sign cabinet is made with either aluminum or stainless steel. The sign’s cabinet faces can be made from a poly-carbonate, acrylic, aluminum, or back-lit banner material. Whereas our monument signs are designed to match their corresponding building, and therefore, are crafted from materials like stone or brick to match the texture and colour. You can choose from one of our many standard models from our E- catalogue. If you wish to have a customized one then our team can work with your ID to develop a texture that best resonates with its surroundings.

Want to know more about Signarama’s freestanding signs? Just call +65 6557 0080. Let a Signarama sign expert assist you with your next project. You may also want to add building signs, Neon or LED lighted signs.