Office Signs

The Importance of Office Signs for any Business.

In this technology-centric, fast-paced world, mobile-app looking we’re often talking about tweeting or marketing or advertising online and over mobile. But when it comes to really grabbing customer’s attention, sometimes a good, traditional sign can be your best bet. More than half of SME owners find office signs and graphics effective in attracting customers.

Getting the most of your Signage:

To get the most out of your signage, Signarama CBD believes there are three important design requirements all businesses need to keep in mind when designing their office door signs, Lobby Signs, desk signs, conference room  signage or even the humble toilet signs. The design principles are

1. Compelling Colour:

The choice of color plays a huge part in a well-designed office sign. Imagine the “Coke red” or “Facebooks’s Blue.”  Very often, color can help convey your brand’s identity.

2. High Contrast for Readability.

A sign’s contrast will usually determine the quality of its readability. High Contrast, therefore, is a Mega factor for any appealing sign.

3. Size Does Matter.

Its very straight forward:  the larger the letter, the easier it is to read. This is especially crutial if you’re creating roadside signage or office signs that will be displayed at a significant distance -- at a conference, for instance. Size is also important for Custom Office Door Signs and acrylic Signboards.

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