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Yacht Wrap! to do or not to do.

Many yacht owners often wonder, “Why should I wrap my yacht instead of painting it?”. A paint job can range from $8,000-$20,000+ depending on the quality and the painting procedure. Whereas a Yacht wrap can cost $6000 to $12000+. This depends on the the material and extent of the wrap. Partial wraps such as roof Hull and other accents such as boat decals are also a great way to get started. Boat decals begin at around $300 or so.

To wrap or not to wrap!

Along with the cheaper price tag comes MANY benefits that paints cannot offer. The Quality of the paint can vary especially whilst looking for a cheaper price. Customers know that cheaper paints will look great at first, but will bare its fangs within a few years. Cheap paints can show wear and tear and the paint job needs to be redone. The same holds good for cheap vinyl wrap installed by amateurs. A Professionally installed yacht wrap will leave your yacht with a breathtaking finish for years to be admired.

7 Reasons to Wrap Your Yacht or Boat.


A well done wrap is definitely cheaper than a Paint job. Professionally installed vinyl films with the highest quality materials can cost $6000 to $12000+ and will have a life expectancy of 4-10 years vinyl depending. For a fraction of the cost of paint, one can choose to wrap their boats for as long or little as one desires with the desired finish.

Resale Value:

Being able to maintain the manufacturers original gel coat will keep the resale value intact from a devalued aftermarket paint job. The personalized graphics or your corporate pantone colour may not be your potential buyers favorite color. Having the option to keep your yachts and boats original factory color will not dent on the resale value.

Countless Options:

Upon purchasing your yacht, you may want a color that is not available from the manufacturer. This is where vinyl wraps will allow all of your Yacht fantasies to come true. A boat wrap that defines you can be custom made to your needs. And why stop there! Take the graphics beyond your boat onto your vehicles on road with our vehicle wraps. Later when you are looking for change, then just have us remove it and choose a new color design! Transform your complete fleet of vehicles every few years and keep everyone guessing!

Installation Time:

A paint job requires your yacht to be dry docked for up to two weeks or longer. When it comes to wrapping your yacht, we can have it fully transformed within 3-5 days and ready. Don’t leave yourself stranded on dry land - wrap it!


Every covered inch of your catamaran in vinyl is protecting the gel coat and factory paint from the blazing sun, natural hazards and weathering. Signarama CBD's Vinyl film comes with a UV protective laminate and will not be affected by prolonged exposure to the sun. Yacht wrap vinyl is a very durable and will act as a shield. Say goodbye to chips, abrasion, and other natural hazards!

Easy Maintenance:

Boat wraps and decals are extremely easy to maintain and will look brand new with a mild hand washing with soap and water.

Long Lasting, Safe Removal:

Signarama CBD's high quality vinyls ensure a wrap that is long lasting that can also be safely removed. A wraps life is directly dependent on the exposure to the sun. The boat wrap may be removed safely between the 4-10 year period and will NOT affect the original paint.