Inflatable Signs

Inflatable Signs -Tips for Becoming the Center of Attention at Any Event.

Custom inflatable signs truly give you enormous flexibility during marketing events. Because they can actually work in different capacities or simply stand steadfast and attract attention. The various sizes give you enormous lead over the competition. Here are 4 clever ways these giant marketing balloons make you the center of attention.

Tip #1 -Undergo a Transformation - Turn a local park into a playground. It's easy with inflatables. From Inflatable Pillars for attention to inflatable chairs that help you organize the attendees. Do leave room for customizable banners and earn additional revenue through sponsorships.

Tip #2 - Encourage Graffiti - Talk about consumer interaction. Inviting guests to write messages on your inflatable product opens the door to some great feedback. All it takes is an inflatable chair and a few paint pens to pull it off. Keep the canvas option open for additional interactions.

Tip #3 - Take It to New Heights - Put your Pillar in centre of the convention center, retail location, education or Fitness centre,  cafe or restaurant. with your logo on it  - it's a classic marketing technique, but one that has never lost its effectiveness.

Tip #4 - Do the Unexpected - Tradeshow booths are typically grounded.  It's what's expected when attendees walk through the exhibition hall. In a sea of eye-level displays and roll up banners, what could grab attention better than something no one expects? Hang your inflatable display from the ceiling above your booth. Not only will it get greater visibility, it will also encourage visitors to stroll over to your location to see what's up.

Any way you slice it, Signarama CBD's inflatables are flexible enough to accommodate any type of event with a fresh approach. From tradeshows to internal corporate functions, you'll find inflatables to be affordable, functional assets for all your event-marketing needs.