Wall Graphics

Custom Wall Graphics

Thanks to Signarama CBD's investment in modern printing technologies, Gone are the days when Office and retail wall bore the sterile and bland look. Wall Graphics helps you to enhance the artistic creativity of your advertising. Inspite of some popular notions and misconceptions, it is a fact that most customers respond quite well to artwork filled with excitement and entusiasim. If you are looking to aggressively expand your sales and market share, then wall graphics could be the solution for you.

Wall graphics is a powerful medium for promoting your organization, product and services.  The graphcis can be effective in getting across your message. Signarama CBD can do something striking, something different; Signarama understands that you need advertisements that will grab the attention of drivers and pedestrians alike. A well-designed wall graphic can not only capture the attention of potential customers passing by, it can make them stop and seriously engage with the work itself—which can be a first step towards them becoming consumers.


1. Wall graphics create a memorable experience.

Thanks to wall vinyl, retailers can create a true rich experience for their customers.  Signarama's Wall graphics can enhance both the interior and exterior look businesses -be it the hotel industry, or retail outlets. Commercial wall coverings, can make your business stand out from the rest of the competition. Wall Advertising helps create a lasting impression such that your customers will remember your place of business but also your products and services .


2. Wall coverings help reinforce your brand.

Create a lasting brand impression Many businesses use every square inch possible to promote their brand with wall graphics. Our friendly designers can help personalize your walls, with the incorporation of corporate colors, logos, and even slogans.

3. Wall coverings come in permanent and temporary options.

At Signarama, we use a variety of materials and adhesives for our large format wall decals and graphics. Depending on how long you prefer to keep them on.  Some businesses or industries prefer to change their look often with the changing seasons or special events, other businesses seek a permanent wall covering.

4. Wall coverings are economical.

Wall decals and graphics can last up to four times as long as paint, under Singpore's weather conditions. Meaning to say that, you may pay a little more at the beginning, but this can result is savings to over 30% over time compared to paint.

6. Wall graphics are durable and virtually maintenance free.

Signarama's  wall  graphics are very durable and require little or no maintenance over the years. We use eco friendly inks such as Latex or UV cured inks that enhance the colour to make your wall art vibrant and rich. The printed graphics is then laminated - with a UV light protective layer. This laminate keeps the print fade free for years to come.


Call our friendly sales staff for a free no obligations consultation. Stop not with the walls - take your advertising to the Glass with our glass graphics and floor graphics.