LED Neon Signs

LED Neon Signs for Business today.

When it comes a business the signage is a must. Be it on the exteriors, in the interiors or both, LED Neon signs will go a long way in attracting customers to your store. When used in the right manner, they can even persuade customers to make the decision to purchase. What may interest you is how to pick the the right signage. This is where Signarama CBD's Signage consultants can offer value. To keep things practical and simple, always remember that neon signage will be a good choice. Both Traditional Neons and LED Neons break away from the noise and clutter of the digital world. They are brighter and Better.

If your business is already lit up in neon signs, then you may want to consider to upgrade to the latest LED Neon Flex. From LED back-lighting panels to channel lettering LED Neon is definitely worth the money. Read further to know more about the Dollars and Sense of using the flexible LED neons.


1. Low Maintenance and Durability

Unlike the traditional neon signage the installation is simple and straight-forward. Glass neons can break or leak, whereas these are as sturdy as a horse. Worse yet, traditional Neon has a very high maintenance cost. Switching over to LED Neon Flex signage can save you a lot of these hassles. LED Neons can give you as close an effect as the traditional neons.


2. Low Cost

Signarama's LED Neon Signs can save money on your signage. The average lifetime exceeds 100,000 hours. You can rest assured that your LED Neon Flex products will last for many years to come.  Their low maintenance requirements will also help you to save money.  Furthermore, when compared to other types of lighting signage, you can save up to 80 percent with commercial LED lighting products. Click here for an interesting article on how much energy is consumed.


3. Colour Combinations

With an wide array of colours that flexible LED Neons come in. It will be easy for our sign makers to bend the neons to match your colours. If you are still in the process of designing your logo then this article on the meaning of colours may be of interest to you.


4. Additional Benefits

Your decision to upgrade to LED Neon Flex will make a great impact on your business. You will be gaining a great way to attract customers to your business as well as be putting more money back into your business account.  Other benefits gained include:

  • Weather resistant, including waterproof

  • Very flexible

  • Low maintenance costs

  • Suitable for both indoors and outdoors

  • Can be bent in any angle that you choose, meaning it’s easy to replicate any type of font

Today is the best day to make the upgrade to LED Neon Flex! What are you waiting for? Customize your very own neon here or upload the file here.

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