LED Back Lit

Create a Halo effect with Backlit Signs

1. Backlit signs in Aluminum or Stainless Steel.

Backlit signs in 3D lettering with LED lighting creates an awesome halo effect which looks really professional and regal. These cost-effective signage look great in every setting. Ideal for retail businesses, Clinics, Lawfirms and  professional businesses They make a great impact when it comes to impressing your clients. Our Friendly signage experts can guide you in terms of your logo and letter sizing, Choosing a simple or a more fancy solution, as well as the location where your signage will look its best. You BackLit letters can light up your building facade, Lobby or reception areas. The signs can be extended into the windows or rooftop, these backlit beauties will shine brightly for years to come.

2. Business transformation with BackLit Signs

The Signarama CBD's Signage consultants can come out with a totally no obligations consultation with you on-site to discuss the best options, Sizing and positioning for your backlit signs. Our sales team will work collaboratively with you to create effective backlit signage either in Aluminum, stainless steel or mirror finish stainless steel to suit your budget, brand and ambiance. Whether it be on the facade of your building, within a window facing out or mounted to a rooftop; the awesome exposure from backlit signage will well and truly pay off in both strengthening your brands presence and enticing customers to engage your service.

3. Combinations with Backlit Signs

We are always faced with the questions as to what else can we combine with our Backlit signs to make the brands presence more effective.  depending on the nature of your business, Signarama CBD's experts can advise what will go best wth your Signage.

IF your in the food and beverage industry you may want to throw in a couple of Neon signs

Retail industries can combine them with Glass and window graphics

Sports Stores generally combine them with Floor and wall graphics.

Fret not for our temwill be beside you as you walk through the store to make the signage more effective.

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