Frosted Film

Frosted Film: Elegance in Glass

Let the Sunlight in and the Heat out! Create a lively and fresh looking office, yet maintaining the privacy that your office requires, and yet keep the heat at bay. This is important in offices that have a lot of large windows as it prevents overheating and glare. Window frosting is available in a wide variety of styles and designs for good looks and practicality, but the advantages certainly do not end there.

Happier and peaceful work environment with frosted films!

In busy areas, the peace and calm provided by window frosting is a real benefit to office workers. Eliminate the distractions of the hectic world outside with Signarama CBD's Frosted Film.It is also very helpful in eliminating the sense of intrusion that exists in settings where buildings are close together and it is possible to look into one office from an office located in a

In Singapore's concrete jungle - Frosted films help in eliminating the sense of intrusion that exists in settings where buildings are close together.

Help your building look attractive and modern!

Not only does frosted window film improve the appearance and feel of an office interior, it also helps the building look its best from the outside.

Well fitted window frosting film gives an elegant and sophisticated look to a building.

It is also a lot easier to keep clean than drapes or blinds since ordinary window cleaning will keep it sparkling and beautiful. This will save you both money and time in the long run and will help you stretch your building cleaning and maintenance budget.

Quickly, easily and affordably match and enhance any décor!

Frosted window film is translucent and resembles a sandblasted or etched surface. You will be amazed at the many different patterns and shades available in window film. You can stick with a classic white frosted effect or even create a stained glass effect.

Applying the film is far easier than replacing windows and takes much less time. Your building can have a whole new look in a day when you make the smart decision to go with frosted window film as your window treatment. You can even specially order film with your company name and logo embedded for a truly custom appearance.

Save money on cooling and office furnishings!

With frosted window film, natural light can enter your office in abundance yet harmful ultra-violet rays are blocked.

This creates a safer and healthier environment for your staff and clients. It will also help preserve your office furnishings and carpeting, which can be damaged by UV rays or excessive harsh sun exposure. it also also acts as a layer of insulation to your windows.

Enhance your office safety and security!

Giving your office a high level of privacy will naturally enhance safety and prevent temptation for burglars.

Durable and highly customisable, frosted films are a great solution for privacy protection. It can be alternatively used as a glass decorative artwork. Signarama CBD’s frosted film can be Die-cut to shapes like logos or other branding efforts.