Illuminated Signs

The Psychology Of Good Illuminated Signs:

Advertising is like a game of tug of war. On the one hand, advertisers are struggling to break through the din, meanwhile, consumers are often overlooking their efforts. Signage is a break from that, particularly in a small country like Singapore. If you require your signage to be maximally effective, then you should have the maximum number of relevant people to see it. That’s what drives action and that's what good illuminated signs achieves.

The science of illuminated signs – why do signs work so well?

InfoTrends reports that illuminated signs can increase brand awareness by 47.7%, and increase average purchase amount by almost 30%. It can also better the customer experience and even improve sales and brand loyalty.

The bonus of unfamiliarity: We as humans perceive messages selectively because we are bombarded with information; we can’t absorb the billions of stimuli that surround us, Thus we filter. In today’s world the consumer is completely supersaturated with most advertising media, but then, Illuminated signs earn an edge is in its relative unfamiliarity. We tend not to get bored of seeing them. They have the capacity to genuinely capture and hold our attention. Nielsen data backs this by showing that 75% of consumers recall seeing an illuminated sign in the previous month.

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