Hotel and Inns

The business of traveling.

Business traveling can be lonely, tiring and often not the healthiest. It is usually weary travellers reach your hotel. The last thing that you would want to do to ruffles their feathers with wrong or inadequate hotel signage. An estimated 100 million trip occured in 2016. How many of them were yours or people whom you know? Chances are quite a lot of them. Nothing gets people complaining about the perils of business travel, lost baggage, and losing their way around.  Since it’s a necessary evil for many, why not make their trip less frustrating and more pleasurable with Signarama CBD's well thought of Hotel Signs.

Hotel Signages.

Hotel Signage has many benefits for visitors and guests. They enable access to timely and relevant information that enhances the overall guest experience. Not only do signboards drive engagement they help guests feel more connected with the hotel. All this while subconsciously reinforcing key aspects of the brand. There are numerous ways in which signage is transforming the hotel guest experience. Listed below are  a few.

Providing guests with information about Amenities and offerings:

Hotel Signs provide guests with information about check-in and checkout times, restaurant hours and key amenities like gift shops, spas, fitness centers, and conference rooms. Beyond providing basic information, revenue can be increased by promoting specials and encourage guests to visit other areas of a property to up sell and cross-sell areas you want to promote.

Enable easy navigation:

Hotel guests usually have questions on how to navigate to different areas and often have to ask hotel staff for directions. Wayfinding signs and maps can make even the biggest of hotel complexes appear to be anything but difficult to explore. Strategically placed signs can not only make your clinets feel at home but also be used to draw visitors to other income-generating parts of the hotel such as bars and restaurants, spas and casinos.

Frequently asked questions answered:

Having a signboard with answers to FAQ's the prices for extra services like spa, massage and laundry — as well the restaurants daily special and continental breakfast schedules. This hotel signage doubles up as a virtual concierge that frees up staff to focus on more pressing needs. TV channels in guest rooms can even be customized to further spotlight the Hotels' amenities and happenings.

Feature neighborhood attractions for visitors:

Take your virtual attendant to the next level with digital signage. Digital signage can be an asset for visitors to find out about neighboring historical sites and popular or seasonal attractions. Wall graphics can be used to entice guests to take a trip down to popular destinations. Promotions can likewise be featured using QR codes that can be scanned to avail offers, coupons or vouchers.

Re-enforce branding of your hotel.

Maintaining a consistent branding throughout the hotel is key. Begin with the Hotel Signage .  Branding helps your guests become your raving fans. and guess what - they go back and recommend the brand to their friends and colleagues - nothing sells more than word of mouth.