Green Initiative

green initiative

green initiative

Green Initiative and our Environmental Promise

Our Green Initiative programme shows that we care about the environment and are 100% committed to reducing our impact on it.
That’s why we at Signarama CBD, promise to continually improve our environmental performance in terms of the resources we consume and the way we dispose of waste.

Green Principles

We at Signarama CBD continue to search out alternative products to meet the growing needs of
our environmentally conscious customers, while creating processes in our centers that are mindful
of the environment for future generations. We also work with Green Partners like HP and Mutoh.
Some of the sustainable, green initiative printing principles include:

  • Using materials derived from renewable resources or with low environmental impact
  • We are also committed to using energy saving LED lights for our Illuminated Signs.
  • Maximizing recycling and recovery efforts, with efficient use of renewable energy.
  • Adopting changes within the supply chain to recommend the use of raw materials that do not
    threaten or harm the environment.

What are we doing today?

Signarama CBD has become environmentally friendly by embracing UV curable print technology and using Latex inks, which release less waste into the air and promote a cleaner environment. we also offer more environmentally friendly material options as alternatives to standard banner and sign materials. And we’re keeping our eyes open for new eco-aware offerings that are coming onto the market.

Preserving the Environment

Signarama CBD takes great pride in working with suppliers and vendors who to do their part in preserving the environment, including:

  • Using products that are recycled or recyclable
  • Disposing of hazardous materials properly
  • Purchasing products with minimum packaging or that are sold in bulk, thereby reducing waste
  • Recycling toner cartridges through manufacturers
  • Using energy-efficient LED light bulbs
  • Turning off unused equipment at night and on weekends

These are but just baby steps. Signarama CBD is committed to improving processes today for a better, cleaner, safer environment tomorrow.