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Lift Door Wraps to Take your Business Upwards.

Thinking about elevator advertising in Singapore- Lift door wraps is the answer! In recent times companies have turned to Elevator or door advertising.  Be it Large or small, inside or outside , advertising on elevator doors has turned into an increasingly popular medium for small and Medium sized business owners. Lift wraps are now considered an option to reach niche audiences. You may want to consider B2B advertising, and spread your message based upon location and facility. Furthermore, the convenience of elevators literally calling out to you in every building. This practically ensures that a wider demographic gets exposed to your message.

Many interesting articles have been written about the human behavior psychology in elevators.  The potentially awkward moments where complete strangers invade each other’s personal space is worth the study. The question then arises what is acceptable behavior? would you make eye contact, smile, or extend a greeting? Some people would talk about the weather!  But then the most favored social norm in Singapore is simply to look down or stare ahead until you reach the destination.

Capitalize on Lift Advertising

It is surprising that businesses have failed to capitalize the Lift advertising.  But then its never too late. Embark on the perfect medium with a captive audience who just need an excuse to be distracted. Businesses can promote their messages on the doors, walls and floors of the elevator to the captive audiences. While waiting either side of the lift, people have to look ahead and it is almost impossible to ignore any ad.

Lift door advertising is a new and innovative and a medium to further the progress of your product and services.  Overseas trends indicate that lift door wraps is an exciting new marketing vehicle. With a clever and quirky designs, lift graphics are assured to capture the consumers attention. They can be highly focussed on the building where the advertising is installed and, as well as capturing the attention of consumers using lift. Lift door graphics can also grab the attention of passers-by.

Achieve effective advertising campaigns in shopping malls, sports stadiums, car park buildings, with Elevator wraps.

The key is in creative amd Quirky designs. Advertising is not just a one way conversation. Want to engage the customer with a message? You may want to subconsiously target your product or services on Escalators within the building or mobile advertising as in Van and truck wraps.

The customer is more likely to connect with the brand message and be influenced by what they see on vending machines or other commercial signs.

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