Signarama Freezer Wraps

Jaw dropping Freezer Wraps.

Have you ever wanted a fridge that’s a work of art? Freezer wraps is the answer. Or would you like your fridge to be covered like a Giraffe? Or made out of rock? CBD.Signarama-sea can create Jaw dropping designs for for refridgerator.

Individuals or companies that want to personalize their refrigeration can now do it with Signarama - the wrap experts. We use food safe vinyl wrapping, with Environmently friendly inks. There are virtually no limits to what Signarama CBD can achieve:

Businesses are under constant pressure to innovate and stand out from the crowd, and we at Signarama can be the show stopper for you brand.  The perfect way to personalise freezer and make an impact. If you are ever bored of your appliances, or you dont like their plain industrial or surgical like look. Bring them to life with our great choice of vinyl refrigerator decals and wraps. We can wrap Chillers, freezers, under the counter fridges and American style fridge freezers. A great selection including mini-fridge wraps, Custom Wine Chiller wraps, beer fridge wraps, and refrigerator door wraps and even vending machines.

How do you know your Freezer wraps will stand the test of time?

The freezer wrap vinyl is made from the same premium stuff companies use to make their outdoor signs or brand their vans and trucks. Once your freezer wrap is applied, it will remain and remain for a long long time to come.  The vinyl will stick and just keep on sticking! Oh yes, then there come the day you want to take it off? Not an issue at all. The Fridge wraps that we at Signarama use doesn’t leave horrible paper residues when it’s removed. This may not convicne you!!!

What if we were to tell you another fact? The wrap is water, and oil proof. You can wipe your chiller wraps with household cleaning products without damaging it. Its colors won’t fade. If you really wanted to you could probably eat a rojak right off it. The secret is in the coating -  your wrap has a matte-finish laminate that preserves its colors, protects it from damaging substances and ensures easy, hassle-free cleaning. Some people think that we are doing a quality overkill for a simple sticker. We take that as a compliment. We love the look and feel of our chiller wraps and we will not compromise on their quality. Rest assured your tried and tested appliances are in the safe hands of Signarama CBD.