Bus Wraps

Bus Wraps - making BIG in-roads in Marketing.

The first ever commercial advertisement bus wrap is thought to have to have been doing in early 1993 when Pepsi Co used bus wraps to promote its Crystal Pepsi product. Today bus wrap advertising is everywhere and this new form of vehicle graphics has reached smaller businesses and consumers. Wrapping whole vehicles is still a challenge these days. Major difficulties remain the same: from premature adhesion to air bubbles under the vinyl. Signarama CBD has tapped into new and improved technologies. Signarama CBD  partners with companies like Avery Dennison, 3M and Oracal to learn the skills of wrapping buses.

Bus wraps or bus Advertising is one of the most popular advertising media in Singapore. Signarama CBD  understand that you are spending huge amounts of money on your Bus advertising media and will ensure that you get the maximum returns of your investment, be it for promoting your product or increasing brand awareness.

With Signarama CBD, we will help you realise and maximise your bus ad dollars spent on your branding campaign by ensuring the maximum exposure of your brand. We can also design your bus wrap in a way that increases the engagement for your brand.

With our years of expertise in creative conceptualisation, the development for your next great busad campaign, can be a walk in the park.  Signarama CBD's has an experienced team in creating successful bus wrap campaigns. Look for Signarama CBD to help you execute your next bus advertisement campaign.

Simple and clear Designs and strategic copywriting will garner the much needed second glance. The ad will be the talk of the town and will be shared. A Great bus advertisement design will make your campaign go viral on social media platforms such as facebook and instagram.

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