Benefits of Using LED Neon Flex

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LED Neon or Traditional Neon.

It was not long ago that our skyline was dotted with neon signs. Traditional Neon Signs were the only alternative for Bright Business signs. Gone are those days, LED Neon or Flex neons have taken over the Signage industry by storm. Truth be told, neon signs are being phased out.

LED Flex Neons may never ever match the glow of the traditional neon but they come with a lot of advantages and a fantastic value for money.

Advantages of LED Flex Neons over traditional Neon:

1] Light Source:

Conventional gas neons user rare gasses to power the light whereas LED uses eco-friendly solid-state semiconductors that offer energy savings.

2] Input Voltage:

Traditional Neons run on a voltage of 3KV to 10KV. LED’s use a mere 12V to 24V thus making them far more safer to 0perate.

3] Long Lasting:

Both Traditional and LED’s Neon have a considerable life span. They easily last anywhere between 20000 – 30000 hours of operation.

4] Ease of Manufacture:

This is the reason that LED’s become so much more cost effective as compared to Traditional Neons. LED Flex neon lights are incredibly easy to manufacture. They can be bent and shaped to just about any structure. Traditional neon, on the other hand, requires a master craftsman with years of experience in production to craft out a neon tube.

5] Durability

Conventional neons are amde of glass and hence are fragile. LED flex products are made of Silicon making them flame retardant, flexible and break proof even if you were to drop them accidently.

We at Signarama CBD Singapore are specialists in both the conventional Neon and LED Neon. Do talk to our friendly Sales Staff at +65 6557 0080 to know more about what would suit you better.

LED Flex Neon

LED Flex Neon

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    We have a 3m x 3m booth at the upcoming Cafe Asia 2019 and are looking to brand the backdrop with our logo, “Stellar M”.

    Could you send us a quote? It needs to be at least 1m wide.



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